In reading, the students have been working on making inferences while they are reading to better understand characters. They have been using their schema – things they already know and the evidence from the text/pictures to infer while reading. This week students will focus on making thoughtful wonderings when they are reading to better understand the story.


We are expecting each 2nd grader to read for 20 minutes each night in addition to practicing their word study words!


Please encourage your child to practice their math facts for at least ten minutes every night. They should continue to practice basic facts using any fun and exciting tool such as, flash cards or other games. For other specific math news, please refer to your child’s math family letter.

G.U.M. (Grammar Usage & Mechanics)

The students have been focusing on identifying different types of sentences and using correct punctuation to complete them. Our next unit will cover parts of speech.

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Word Study

The students have been getting introduced to the Word Study routine and learning the activities that we complete with each new sort. Remember to work on the activities from the homework sheet and turn the page back in on the due date. If students want to use for their practice test, they will first need to type in their words on the website and then they can complete activities using that list.

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Students are continuing their study of plants. We have focused mainly on the things that most plants need to survive and the parts of plants. We have started to talk about the life cycle of different plants.

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In writing we completed our first final draft of a small moment. We celebrated this accomplishment by sharing our writing with friends from each of the four second grade classrooms.

We will begin writing “How-To” pieces this week. Be thinking and talking about things that students are experts at and can show and teach others how to do.


ü10/30 – Halloween Sing-a-long 10:00a.m. in the gym. Classroom parties to follow.

ü10/30 – Half Day of School – Dismissal at 12:05

ü11/3 – No School for Students – Election Day

üDRESS FOR THE WEATHER: Please be sure to send your child with appropriate outerwear for morning recess as well as lunch recess.

ü Please remember to send a healthy snack